Thursday, November 19, 2009

ring, ring

On occasion, I have been known to call a customer when they are seated in the restaurant. It happens this way: we keep a list of people who want to come in that night, I see an opening and call the person. However, at some point the person called in, spoke to someone other than me, got a reservation and is now enjoying their dinner in the restaurant. When I phone them on their cell phone, we have a good laugh, I feel a bit sheepish and then we move on.

The other night, I got a call from a customer in the restaurant, they phoned the restaurant line from their cell phone. It went like this: "Hi, I'm sitting at the table over by the bar and I feel that you haven't been paying enough attention to our table. You've been talking to other tables but not ours and I want you to come talk to our table." Me: "Um, ok, will do."

Another night at the Bistro.

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