Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Taste of the Nation Part II

Well, it was definitely a party.  A party with a lot of bodies, food, alcohol and very little air conditioning.  It is such a treat to see so many industry people playing together.  It starts off with a bang - they open the doors at 6 pm and you get kind of trampled at your little table.  Fortunately our table was stationed between the Hendricks gin table and the espresso vodka table which meant some nice diversions.  We were serving Thai mussels and pig snout salad - the snout is done two ways, braised and crispy fried, and served on fennel citrus slaw.  It was surprisingly well received.  It's the precursor to our new appy menu item snout to tail, which is snout, pork belly and pig tail.  And to think, we used to be vegetarians...

After we served all the guests, we got to go and eat!  It was fun to try all the different chef offerings, see old friends, see which (single) chefs were chasing girls (no names but it was quite the display!).  I loved the ravioli in brodo from Dacquisto, the duck from Gusto, and I love Chef Tristan's foie gras with Sauterne gelee (yum!  I had more than one...) and I am a sucker for the mini yorkshire puddings stuffed with prime rib and gravy from 529.  

Usually at the end of the night we wind up in a lounge hanging out with people and visiting but sadly Alex is really sick so we ended it early.  It's a great life but it can wear you out sometimes...

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