Saturday, January 2, 2010


Tonight was busy, very, very busy.  Surprisingly so.  We had thought that it was going to be slow but we were wrong.  We had thought we would make a 10:20 movie but we were wrong about that, too.  It was fun, lots of interesting people (thank you to the lovely woman from the U.S. who talked about my blog...)

At about 7:30, when things were really hopping, a gentleman came in the door.  I asked him if he had a reso, he said no and asked if he could have a seat for one.  I apologized, pointed to my crazy, football playbook looking map, and let him know that I wouldn't have room until 9:45.  To which he responded, "You aren't letting me come in because I looked at your breasts.  And now that you aren't letting me in I'm going to look at them again.  And, once more on the way out."  Then he left.

Really?  Okay.  

Alex says I should have introduced him to my big husband who is in charge of flames and knives... 

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